Ages and Stages Questionnaires

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    1. Ages and Stages (ASQ3)
    2. Ages and Stages Social Emotional (ASQ–SE2).

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Fill in your child's birthdate (Put a number in the weeks box!) and then

1. choose to download and print the form, fill in the answers and come back to this page later or

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Once your form has been submitted you will be contacted by Parent Link Staff with a few days to discuss the results and any questions you may have.

What is an ASQ?

Ages and Stages logo Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) & Ages and Stages Social Emotional (ASQ:SE).

The ASQ and ASQ–SE help you find out how your child is doing from Birth to 5 years.

Simple, easy to do with feedback that includes a set of activities that are fun for you and your child to do together.

Best of all, these activities help develop new skills for the next stage of growth.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) checks 5 developmental areas:

1. Communication Skills
2. Gross Motor Skills
3. Fine Motor Skills
4. Problem–Solving Skills
5. Personal–Social Skills

Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaire

Ages and Stages Social Emotional LogoAges and Stages Social Emotional (ASQ-SE2) looks at 7 key behavioural areas:

1. self-regulation,
2. compliance (respect and trust),
3. communication,
4. adaptive functioning,
5. autonomy - the ability to function independently,
6. emotional responses, and
7. interaction with people.

Want More Info?

For more info or to have a paper form delivered to you:

Yvonne Markotić Drumheller Family Coach call/text 403–820–5157,

Shauna McAffee Hanna Family Coach call/text 403–857–9553,

Mariah Robinson Kneehill and Morrin Family Coach call/text 403–443–3253,

Margaret Manley Parent Educator call/text 403–334–0884,

Why do an ASQ and ASQ-SE?

It's CONFIDENTIAL - only you have control of the results

  • It’s accurate - especially when YOU do it!
  • It’s easy & FREE!
  • Every time you do an ASQ - you receive a set of activities for the next stage in your child's growth.
  • Your Family Coach can easily direct you to agencies and services, if needed.

What difference will it make?

It is proven that what parents do in the first 2000 days makes a difference!

  • Developmental milestones are abilities a most children gain by a certain age.
  • Developmental screening is a quick check of your child’s development. It is like a snapshot of your child’s movement, thinking, language, and social-emotional skills.
  • Screening will help you know if your child is meeting the appropriate milestones for their age.

What next?

You can easily keep track of your child's progress using our online screening access. Download and print the screen for your own reference and to take to any appointments with health care and others if needed.

More Parent Questions Answered

When to do the ASQ:

There are forms for every stage in the first 2000 days

We recommend that you do 1 or 2 questionnaires per year until your child reaches the age of five.

You may choose to do more if you want to track a particular concern.

How and where to do the ASQ:

You do the activities in the ASQ with your child to help answer the questions.

Do it anywhere you and your child are most COMFORTABLE.
Need help? PHONE your local Family Coach!

Who does the ASQ? YOU Do!

Parents are experts about their children, no one can do the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE2 with your kids as well as YOU!

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